Linus Lim

Welcome to the Sydney schools of Chans Martial Arts and Sing Ong Tai Chi.

At Chans Martial Arts, we teach Shao Chi Chuan which is a complete martial art that interfaces between the very hard Shao Lin Chuan and the soft Tai Chi Chuan.

• Learn to defend yourself with stressfree techniques based on time tested principles.

• Develop effective fighting techniques without using brute strength.

• Train in a friendly environment to improve your coordination, confidence and well being.


We offer an introductory 3-month offer of $100 for both Shao Chi Chuan and Tai Chi Chuan classes.

We have two training locations in the Sydney City area

• Mondays - Studio 1, 103 Foveaux St, Surry Hills - Just 7 minutes walk from Central Station

• Wednesdays - Ultimo Uniting Church, Ultimo

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